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As the ‘LOVE’ month is about to end, I just want to list down what I have accomplished so far:-

  • Every Nation Leadership Training aka ENLI

I have been going to Victory Christian Fellowship church here in Dubai for a few months now. I have always been going to church and hearing mass but most of the time, just wanting some quiet time with God.

A friend has urged me to go and try out the Friday service at Victory church. It was a refreshing experience for me that I have been going there without fail.

The leadership training is meant to train as to be leaders but my main purpose really is to get to know more about the Bible. Coming from a non-sectarian school, I was already introduced to the Bible… but I have not understand it fully. I am expecting that I will gain this from the training.

Apart from that, I am also gaining friends!

  • Digerati Web Magazine

Jenny, Jette’s friend has invited me to join and be part of their webmagazine. We had our first meeting two weeks ago… it was fun though we were all a bit ‘ilang’ at first cause we do not know each other that well. Eventually, we were able to warm up and had a chance to pose for some pictures!

Digerati Team

Digerati Team

With these two activities lined up, I hope that this will be a great start for 2009 for me!! *woot* *woot*


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