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7:00AM start!

Ever since I started working (meaning wwwaaayy back)… I have never been prompt. Ever.

Especially if it was your usual 8-5 shift… I did not have trouble then when I was working in a call center because you don’t really have to wake up early.

That’s my major problem – waking up early.

I guess it’s because of the fact that I usually sleep late and so ergo, I don’t like waking up early in the morning.

When I started in my present company, I had to struggle waking up early. There were times that I would just have a sponge bath because I’m already half an hour late?!

It was terrible!!

I remember when I was transferred to Jebel Ali… I was ‘that’ close to resigning! I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to shower and travel for the next 2 hours! Imagine that!!

Then when I was again transferred, my boss was kind enough and told me that I can come to work at 8am (sweet!)…

It was an 8-5:30 routine… Yes, I was still late but at least I do not have to wake up that early – until last January.

My boss was made redundant by the company last December and so I had another boss. No one was actually complaining about the time I arrive at office (picture this: everybody is there already and I waltz in the office at 7:50 am. I definitely made a lot of heads turn but no one complained about it).

I gave it a thought – a LOT of thought… and said to myself that since my previous boss is not there anymore, I cannot continue my 8am habit.

For a month now, I have been waiting for the bus at 6:20am and arrive at the office at 6:50am.

I am just so proud of myself. It may not be a big achievement for some but it definitely is for me! 🙂


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