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After the depression…

I don’t know if you can call it depression… but I have been moping around for the past few days.

A friend immediately concluded this ‘feeling’ could all be part of pre-menstrual symptoms.

Maybe… maybe not.

It is a bit frustrating to be in a place where you should be doing something but you can’t because you can’t concentrate – why? well, because of the instability that you feel around you.

I keep planning what I might do if this or that happens and these decisions change everyday sometimes, every hour.

However, tonight was different and I have to thank the water fountain at Dubai Mall for this.

It was remarkable (no pictures to post as our friend still has it in his camera).

The water was calming.

I felt at peace.

For a moment, I forgot what my problems are… my emotions follow the way the water sways… the way it shoots up in the air… the way it falls after shooting up.

Now, I’m a bit okay… I just hope this will continue till we get some good news.


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