Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

I was just browsing my Facebook when I saw a photo album uploaded by my sister-in-law’s friend.

Ever since Julia was born, I have been collecting her photos… just so I can feel that I’m there with them (I do the same for Robert’s photos whenever his friends would send some).

I came across this photo and could not help but feel a slight pinch in my heart.

Family Picture minus me =(

Family Picture minus me =(

I’m very family-oriented. Robert thinks our ‘family bonding’ is way too much but that’s the way we are. I firmly believe that even if all of us have shortcomings in this family, our bond has made us stick to each other – and not seeing myself in this picture makes me want to ask if it’s all worth it?

I have missed a lot of celebrations in my family… birthdays, debuts, graduations and weddings.

I try to match my leaves with whatever celebration in the family but it just never happen. I don’t know if it’s God’s way so that I do not really feel sad or depressed (like when I spent New Year in the Phils).

Well, if our plan goes well… I will not miss any of the celebrations!!! For now, I think I’m just going to continue checking my Facebook, Friendster and Multiply for more updates from them.


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