Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

I thought I would be able to get over this phase… I guess not!

I do not know why but it’s like everything that I see or hear affects me one way or the other.

My roommate, Anne and I are having a teleserye marathon. We have been watching Maging Sino ka Man (Book 1) for the past week now.  Our addiction to watching online teleseryes started with ‘I love Betty La Fea’ and ever since the show finished airing, we do not have anything to fill our weekends with.

That’s when we decided to start watching Maging Sino ka Man.

It’s funny how watching these type of series and hearing their ‘mabibigat’ na lines kind of brings you back to the days when you were the one saying it or your partner.

It is really weird but I have been having a hard time dealing with the fact that I have to stay here for one more year before Robert and I can be together again… I know, we are on the 5th month now going 6th yet I feel it’s way tooooooooo long. Yes, we do chat online and he would send me messages to brighten up my day and vice versa but still.

A laughter is best heard when the person laughing is just beside you.

A problem is best solved when the person you had an argument with is infront of you… seeing your pain or  your anger.

A joke is best delivered when the person you want to share it with is waiting eagerly for the punchline and you can instantly see his reaction.

I don’t know where these feelings are coming from but it’s hard.



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