Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

Having worked in Dubai for five years (going 6th this December), I just cannot stop admiring how my fellow Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW for short) can endure being away from their family.

I’m lying. I know the answer.

Money and a better future – these will be the answers you’d get from them… from us though some would hide their real agenda by saying they just need to be in a different environment or it’s for their career growth!

Being away from your loved ones is hard.

Rewind 2003,  my parents, friends and I were at the airport… It was not yet time for me to go inside but seeing the families around me crying while they say goodbye to their ‘unsung heroes’… their daughter who promised that they would get their land back after 2 years of being away from home… their father who promised to buy them their favorite toys as long as they will not give their mom a hard time… and more.

It just made me realise how we, the unsung heroes, fught the battle – an emotional battle. Trying to convince ourselves that for just a few more years, the daughter can get the land back and as a bonus, she would be able to buy them a car or a jeep so that they can start a business… the father can buy expensive toys for his boys and send them to exclusive schools, from grade school through to college.

Life is hard but I guess with every sacrifice, comes great rewards!

As for me, I am hoping to get my partial reward this July! 🙂

**Can’t wait to see you babe!**


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