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I have been watching Desperate Housewives on and off for months now.  These episodes have been my constant companion whenever I do my ironing.

It feels like I am part of their little community, Wisteria Lane. Being part of how they lead their lives and how they portray their ‘outside’ lives so that their friends and their neighbours will not know what is really happening in their homes.

While watching the series, I had these thoughts in my head:-

1) Kids

Lynette has her hands full with her four kids. Previously having a successful career, Lynette sacrificed that so that she can fulfill a more important role – taking care of her kids. While seeing her struggle with her kids, I figured can I do that too? Will I be able to take care of my kids while have a full-time job? What kind of  mother will I be, a hands-on mom? a disciplinarian? a cool mom?

2) Relationships

Brie Van der Camp is an elegant woman. I am no where near her stature but my heart goes out for her. It’s like when all the major roles have been done – nurturing your children, instilling values in them and educating them in an acceptable manner, suddenly you realise someone is neglected – your husband.

I know that in a relationship, partners have to listen to what the other need and want. Sometimes, I am guilty of this too, we tend to be deaf… or we pretend to be either because we are tired or we just don’t want to.

With or without children, couples should always try to re-ignite the passion in their lives. Be it through words or actions.

3) Love

All of them have it in different levels but what I took notice is what Susan have for Mike. She follows her heart more than her mind. I do the same too and have never regret one moment of my decision!

I am still in Season 1 (just finished Episode 7) but have picked up a lot from what I have seen. I admire the friendship, the relationship and of course, the mystery of this community… hmmm…

Can’t wait for Season 2  =)


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