Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

Recently, I was  asked by my superior  ‘ What can make you happy Rachiel?


I was caught off guard but I did regain my composure and told my superior about my plans in the future (i.e. 1 1/2 year’s time). The time frame I have mentioned was enough for me to pay off all our debts here and move back home for a few months.

Being with Robert and establishing a family WILL make me happy.

However, I suddenly asked myself quickly – what can make ME happy?

A good friend once told me that I never prioritise myself (yes, he used the word ‘NEVER’). It’s always for somebody else and the end product is they’re happy therefore I’m happy.

I just had a thought about it and I think he’s right.

I have put my writing dream to one side to be responsible. I always attribute it to me being the eldest that is why I have to. Never mind that some of the opportunities for me have passed as long as I was able to hold it together for them and honestly, that does make me happy.

At times, after a day’s work and I get to meet or chat with people who were able to do what makes them happy. I tend to take a step back and ask myself, am I really happy? Usually, I end up shrugging it off and telling myself, ‘Of course you are!’

I guess if happiness can be rated percentage-wise, I can say that I am 80% happy and 20% well, you know 🙂

Well, in time, my happiness will reach 100% and I am sure it’s close to happening! 🙂


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