Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

I remember when I was still a kid, we have the  dependable ‘Manang’ with us.

You can always hear her name being called in the house a lot of times as if we are a broken record being sung by an upcoming singer…

‘Manang, can you pick this up?’

‘Manang, after cleaning my shoes, clean my cabinet. Thanks!’

‘Manang, where did you keep my pants?’

Being married to a man who likes doing things by himself, I have to keep up with him… errrr… not!

Robert likes cleaning our house (here in Dubai and in the Philippines). He likes sweeping the floor while I read a book… He likes cooking different types of food while I browse the internet.

Yeap. I am a bit lazy – okay fine! I am lazy.

So when the harsh reality was brought to my attention, I knew I had to do something. So what I did, I search the internet for recipes so that I can whisk up a dish before he comes home from work.

** Fast forward to Saturday, 6 June 2009**

Even if Robert is not here in Dubai, I still do the regular household chores and today, I again, transformed myself to be ‘Inday or Manang’ for one day. My roommate, Mary Ann and I cleaned up the room (well, she changed the curtains and the sheets).

Not satisfied with just the room being clean, I also cleaned the toilet. I have to admit, this was satisfying. I love the way the knobs become shiny while I scrub them with a pad + my secret toilet cleaner(s)… the off-white basin (due to the household’s members constant use) turning to white!

It feels good to see your accomplishments grinning back at you… for a job well done!

I hope when the time comes that I will be back to Robert’s arms and stay in our wonderful! wonderful house… I will be able to do these things without hesitation (“,)

*Manang – a term being used for housemaids in the Philippines.

*Image courtesy of  http://indonetwork.net/penyedia_prt/sell


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