Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

What motivates you?

I know the question is not specific.

A lot of things can motivate us.

In our jobs, what usually motivates us is the encouraging words from our superiors, praising us for performing more than what is expected of you.

In relationships, what motivates us is how we can be an inspiration to our friends, to have that constant bonding with them and of course becoming a  better daughter / friend / wife.

There are different aspects and different situations… and we approach them in various ways.

Robert and I chatted awhile ago about the upcoming restaurant/ internet cafe business that he and his friend, Bhoie had decided to put up.

It still is on its early days. The place is still being constructed and the unpredictable weather in the Philippines is making it more difficult however Robert and Bhoie are positive that it will finish on time.

I love it when Robert is hatching up a plan and acting on it to become a reality. He is like a little kid slowly opening his present for Christmas day. I hope that when I go home this July, I would be able to see the fruits of their work. (”,)


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