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Busy as a Bee

Queen Bee

Queen Bee

The week has been quite hectic but fun!


I met with our outreach group (too bad two of our groupies were not able to make it – we miss them already!!!)… we’ve discussed about what type of legacy do we want to leave. I have not really thought about it but I always have this idea that in case, I want people to see me as someone who always had a smile, had a wide shoulder for them to cry / lean on, had a big ear who listens to them and a big heart who will always, always be there when needed.


Met up with my good friend Amol and had dinner at The Noodle House! Spending time with this guy is always a blast though I did not know that he loses his mind when he does not eat on time!!! Geesh!


Met up with one of my officemates who is also a friend, Ravi. He wanted to try something new so we (Mary Ann and I) thought we would ask him to sample Italian dishes… unfortunately, I think he did not like it because he did not finish his food! The evening was nice and fun (with me asking a lot of questions)


Mary Ann and I went for a special mission (can’t tell)… it became an evening full of cupcakes, conversation and bonding time.


The last day of the week and what a way to end it by spending it with Caren Scofield (this is not her desired last name but will stick to it for now). It was great! Dinner and shopping!! 🙂


I had a great day courtesy of my good! good! good! friend, Rob 🙂

Rob Middleton

Rob Middleton

Super thanks!! 🙂

This is not my ‘usual’ week but these people made sure that we spend time together before I go for my much-awaited 3 weeks leave!

Love you guys!! 🙂


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