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Imagine this…

I have signed myself up for Better Homes & Garden newsletter (I think for the past year now) to give me an idea on how Robert and I can set up our home.

I would browse through their website for ideas on how to maximise the space in your house, how to transform your bedroom in 3 or at times 10 different ways and more!

While looking through my email, I suddenly saw this email from BH&G about small-space home offices. They have 17 suggestions on how to do it and these are my Top 5 choices:-

Choice No. 5

Possible / Perfect Location: Kitchen

I have this as my Top 5 because I know we can never put this up as our kitchen is not that big to even accommodate a small office space! However, should we buy another house… with a bigger kitchen area, I would definitely have this made! 🙂

Choice No. 4

Possible / Perfect  Location: Kitchen or Living Room

This will be perfect especially if your house will have a minimalist theme. Robert who doesn’t like seeing much of my papers (yes! I am a hoarder!! 😦 I know it’s not good)… this is very ideal because I can keep my papers on top of this desk without feeling guilty that Robert will see them and dart dirty looks at them, intending to clear the desk whenever the opportunity comes :p

Choice No. 3

Possible / Perfect Location: Living Room or Study Room

I like this set up because the desk can also be used by our kids (coming soon!) for their homework and if they will be interested in doing some artworks. This space can also double up as my ‘working space’ while they’re at school. The space and the desk itself looks flexible. This desk will be perfect in our living room =)

Choice No. 2

Possible / Perfect Location: Hallway

Now since we don’t have our little ones yet, this will be a perfect set up for me. You see, I always get distracted (yes, always) especially if I see people, hear the TV or whatever. So with this space, I will be secluded (kind of) which I guess in turn will make me more productive – like writing / updating my blog(s)!

Choice No. 1

Possible / Perfect Location: Master’s Bedroom or Living Room

Now this I like the most because it will be like having a ‘His & Hers’ section in our house =).

Robert will have his own desk to sort out his stuff about the internet cafe business that we have and the restaurant then on my side, I will have my papers, books, laptop, pens & paper.

This is the coolest small home office space for me!

What about you? What are your choices?

Did not find what you like? Visit BHG‘s website… oh! just go directly to this link so you can start building your own home office space!

*photos are courtesy of BHG.com

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