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Typhoon Ondoy
Image by Ada Lajara via Flickr

Typhoon Ondoy was totally unexpected and the people were not prepared for him. He was like a thief in the night however aside from taking people’s cars, he also left a mark in everything – the living room, the kitchen, the driveway and the bedroom.

He wanted to make sure that the people remember him and that they remember him well.

He did leave a mark. A scar actually.

After hearing what has happen, I immediately called my family (Robert, Mom, Shobe, Dad – yeap, in this order)… was actually relieved to hear their voices at the end of the line (except for my Dad… he was not answering his phone, I am not sure if I was getting through)… of course my mom gave a blow by blow detail of what is happening outside our house in Sta. Mesa.

Robert on the other hand gave me an account of what was happening in our house (yeap, the water was knee-deep and it damaged a few things in the house), RNB (the restaurant was filled with water about 5 feet) and the other areas. Luckily the internet cafe was saved. We were relieved because at least we did not lose two businesses.

As for my Dad, he was okay and he just stayed at home most of the time…

In times like this, I am thankful that nothing happened to them – they were not caught up somewhere else but they were together….

As I have told someone from the office if I felt bad with what happen. I said, yes but it was just material wealth… nothing can replace a loved one… nothing.

That is I guess the most important lesson.

Flood in Manila (due to Typhoon Ondoy / Ketsana)

Flood in Manila (due to Typhoon Ondoy / Ketsana)

*Photo courtesy of Time.com (more photos are shown here)

Please continuously pray for our brothers and sisters – because another storm is in the Philippines – Typhoon Pepeng…


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