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What’s in a Word?

I remember when I was a kid, our family bonding would usually happen during Holy Week and when Meralco (the service provider of electricity in the Philippines) decides to play with the power hence a ‘blackout’.

At times, the family gets divided into age groups especially when my uncles and aunts were staying with us or the kids will come up with games that could be played by the entire family.

Aside from Mahjong (favorite Chinese past time), we play ‘Boggle‘ or Word Factory.

Word Factory

It’s an educational game that can be played by kids and adults. A set of rules has to be agreed between players when it comes to the number of letters and also the corresponding points.

My thrill of looking for words came back to life when one night (after doing some jewelry shopping), a friend suggested that we play ‘Word Factory’. This was music to my ears!

I like this game so much because it stimulates your mind to think and think!

After having a blast with this game, we decided to held a tournament and place bets (of AED 5).

We just had another game tonight and I won (again!).

I will post the pictures (with the total scores) as soon as I get them! =)

*photo courtesy of  Collection of First!

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