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Someone to…

I have tried to suppress myself from writing this post but I just can’t help it. Seeing couples do this:-

HHWW - Holding Hands While Walking

HHWW - Holding Hands While Walking

or this:-

Couples Kissing

Couples Kissing

I just can’t help but feel … ‘jealous’?


Because they have someone to…

– hold them when they just had a rough day in the office

kiss them without any reason

– hold hands when they feel nervous or scared or they just want to

These things are very precious… and I do not have them right now because my husband and I are miles apart.

All these things are important even if they seem to be just ‘a routine’ because it becomes a part of your everyday life but when these are being taken away from you, suddenly you feel cold… even if there are people around you who try to make you feel that everything’s alright… you know for a fact that the only kiss, touch or hug that will make you feel warm is that of your partner.

Countdown: 2 1 month and 24 days before I see Robert

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  1. if you can just be in suspended animation from now until robert arrives… i’m sure all the waiting and sighing and longing and yearning not only validate your love for each other but heighten and deepen it. the irony is quite amazing, too: the distance that separates you actually brings you closer to each other more than ever!

    • I have done so for the past couple of months… I was successful at times but of course, I still fail. Being away from your partner and trying to make up for it by chatting, texting and even going home twice a year is not enough…

      However you are right too… the distance did bring us closer.. making us more in tune of our relationship…

  2. Aww… Rach. 😦

    I feel for you. I know it’s never easy to be away from the one you love.

    Just try to focus on other things you love to do and time might just pass more quickly.

    Take care girl.



    • Thanks Jayme… but it is a bit difficult when you have a smile on your face and you see these people kissing or hugging. Its like my genuine smile turns into a fake smile…pero un nga, there will be rewards along the way.

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