Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!


Now that the year is about to end (with just this month to go), I listed out things that I have done and where they are right now.

Let me tell you… I did not progress well (sheesh).

I have created two new blogs, updated another blog, joined a money-making site, dropped a money-making site,  joined more writing websites and changed web browsers.

From this list, there was very little progress made… when I say little… it was very little 😦

Last night while walking home from doing a radio log gig with a friend, I have decided that I need to assess what I want to do and focus on it.

My first stop will be to close my other blogs. I can probably freeze / hide my other blogs… and let this blog (Role Play) be my only ‘known’ blog for now. With only one active, I know I can channel my thoughts here and I can write more because I do not need to think on which blog should I write for this topic and so on and so forth.

I know it’s a personal blog… not really something that I can send to my potential clients, if I have any. Maybe that can be on top of my to-do list this coming 2010. A portfolio type of blog that will showcase my write ups (if I can find them), my short stories (fiction of course).

I might also limit my membership to Helium for now… because I know for a fact that I still need to improve my writing skills. I have been out of the game for soooo long (I think it was six years ago when I really had an article or a write-up done… no, I lied, I was able to print two of my short stories!!!)… I need to refresh myself and probably find ways to inspire me.

About web browsers, I was for I think a month, disappointed with Firefox because it was really malfunctioning 😦 It was taking forever to upload my tabs, to bookmark a page, etc but then I realise, like me, I must have overloaded it with stuff that I thought I will need.

So what I did, I have uninstalled a lot of add-ons that I know I was not using. Because of this, I am now back in his arms – with Firefox I mean :p


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