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Game of Chance

Last Wednesday was pay day so definitely the weekend will be shopping day! 🙂

burjuman mall
Image by leeno via Flickr

Mary Ann and I went to our

favorite store, Burjuman, to scout for cheap yet fab finds… and we were not disappointed!

While we were going through our first purchase of the day, the cashier mentioned that if we buy Dhs 200 worth of items in Burjuman, we can redeem a raffle ticket to win a *drum roll please* Range Rover!

We immediately remembered when we were just praying to win the 9 BMWs being raffled last December. The cashier said she also tried and joined the raffle but did not win.

When we were about to go home, Mary Ann and I were able to redeem raffle tickets for the Range Rover draw!

We signed the ticket and kissed it for good luck! 🙂

I just had a thought while walking towards our house that at the back of our heads, we have already calculated the amount we might win, our reaction if we win, what to spend with the money (in case if it was a cash prize) and more.

For me, I guess it’s because of the fact that there’s something to look

forward to… something that can magically change our lives.

Though if we don’t mind, we always end up trying again and again and again because the spirit of hope and being positive that your name will be called next time sends a feeling of thrill.

Now back to the raffle tickets, I hope our names will be called!

Wish Me Luck
Image by Cayusa via Flickr

*fingers crossed!*

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