Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!


I have been on my own for about a month now.

Technically on my own because during weekdays, it’s just me and then Mary Ann would keep me company on weekends.

My first few ‘alone’ days were a bit dreadful. This is because I have not really lived on my own. I was always with someone… either my siblings, my parents or friends.

This is my ‘official alone time’.

I’m not really a talker so having no one to talk to does not really bother me… I will usually read my books, surf the internet, listen to music or watch TV.

I can always find something to do… add up my laundry and my ironing (geesh)…

Then sometimes I just want to go home to a noisy house where everyone’s there… laughing, teasing each other or just having fun.

Though being ‘alone’ gave me a chance to have my own space… wherein I can think and blog! I have been successfully posting blogs here and here. It feels great to be able to write again. 😉

It may not be perfect but that’s enough for me because at least I get to practice writing which can help me out on my next plan 😉

However sometimes, being alone makes me think of Robert and the times we’ve spent together. I know I should not worry about ‘not being together’ because he’ll be here in a few weeks time! 😉

I know! Isn’t that great?! I thought I’d be here alone but things changed (Thank God!) and he will be here to work (weee!)…

In a few days… I will not be alone anymore! ;p


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