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To shop or not to shop…

That is indeed the question.

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I like buying things once in a while… it depends on my mood… if I want to be intellectual, I go and search books in Borders or Magrudys… or Bookworld (for secondhand books).

If I want to be fashionab

le, I go and search for clothes in Mango, Zara, Terranova, New Look and my new love – Aeropostale! 🙂

Image by stevecadman via Flickr

If I want to look for comfy shoes, I go and search for it in Aldo, Nine West, Vincci or at times in Al Attar (where affordable and bargain shoes can be found).

If I’m in the mood for some techie love, I go to Sharaf DG, Jumbo or Plug-Ins to satisfy my cravings for ipods, cameras, etc and etc.

I think it’s a girl’s favorite hobby because we feel exhilarated when we know we’ve either purchased a bargain or got a blouse that we like with just our size or because it’s what we’ve been looking at when we’re doing our ‘window shopping‘.

In movies, I always see a group of girls go to the mall to cure their depression… I am not even sure if shopping also causes uptight girls to loosen up and tell their shopping buddy whatever it is that’s bothering them.

Shopping, I guess, has its ways… because there are some girls who feel that shopping is a chore. Something that they need to do to replace old shoes, tattered clothes and more.

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