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A very nice Valentine post

I was just browsing the internet for something to read when I saw this post / article from Inquirer.

Daddy writes to daughter about Valentines

The article is all about the dad explaining to his daughter about L-O-V-E.

The father goes on explaining why he and his wife had to separate… I like the explanation he gave his daughter. There was no pointing of  fingers on who  wronged the relationship.

To borrow from Peter Parker‘s Uncle Ben: With great love comes great responsibility. You have to recognize that–especially after the honeymoon phase of a relationship–you progress from the stage of being in love with to loving a person. I’m not saying your mother and I didn’t do this, probably we just didn’t do it long enough

This made me think about the current relationship that I have with my husband. When the idealism of what a relationship is already fades, you will now be faced with the fact that this is the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with – what’s your next step?

Not everything in a relationship is happy. We have our ups and downs… but I always see that as a challenge to make our relationship stronger.

This is the same when a man falls, he doesn’t stay down right? He has to get up, brush himself off and continue with his walk to the path called LIFE.

Head over Heart

I remember when I was a kid, my mom would always tell me to follow what’s in my head. My mom has already set the qualifications for my husband – as if he can be bought in a department store! My dad however advised me to follow my heart… and in this case, I did.

I know time and time again, the argument of what should you follow rises up? Is it your heart? Your head (Mind)?

I don’t think we solely follow our heart or our mind… we use both… it’s just that sometimes, we tend to lean more on the heart over the mind or vice versa.

A Father’s Advice

I think it is very difficult for a father to finally accept that his little angel is not little anymore. It’s not only him who wanted her undivided attention… it’s not only him who wants to take her out for ice cream as their ‘bonding date’… it’s not only him who notices that she’s an exceptional person…

So when this time comes, a father can only do what he thinks is best – to give his advice on this race called Life where things can sometimes get too complicated.


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