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I know… another sappy post from me… I just can’t help it… I think I’m in this period wherein I just want to… be sappy?

I am not sure if this was even related to Valentines Day (did not see a lot of couples celebrating it really)… but I just want to express what I feel right now cause I might go crazy (just an expression – people I care about – do not panic).

I am still waiting for Robert to come back here in Dubai… I think it’s not really a long wait for some… but I am just waiting *sigh*

I know… I know… like what other people say, he’s coming… he’s coming but when? 😦

*shrugging off the sadness*

I know it’s cheesy but just as the song goes… I will be right here waiting for you…

Wait for me
Image by lepiaf.geo via Flickr
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Comments on: "I will be right here waiting…" (1)

  1. misssapphire said:

    it’s ok mare… i’m sure he’ll be here soon and i know how ur feeling coz u were expecting him on a certain date but didn’t happen…


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