Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

It felt like it.

There were days when I would be able to hold him and would feel safe because I know he’s just around… then I would look for him only to find out that he’s not here beside me.

Those days when he would embrace me with his arms were the happiest days of my life. It felt like all my problems have disappeared… or probably gone to hiding. There’s a sense of security – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Those days when he’s not beside me… I sensed fear in myself … and at times, depressed. No smile could fake the feeling I have inside. My eyes revealed the truth… he’s not here… he’s not with me.

The feeling caused me to float like a leaf just moving along the current… like a driver who has lost its way…

It has been like that for almost two years… and now, it felt like I have totally awaken from the dream.

The dream that has been a roller-coaster ride… It was good at some parts when the ride was not that high and I feel I’m in the middle ground but when it suddenly goes up, the intensity of my feelings can either be on a high or on a low.

I’m glad that the dream is over.

Imagine… waking up with that one person who has taken the nightmare of feelings and envelopes you with the sweetest dream 🙂

I’m glad it’s over.


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