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Yeap… been sick for the past few days… I am not sure if this part of my excitement because Robert is finally here and there’s really nothing to worry about because 1) he has a job and 2) he’s with me now 😉

However, for the  past few days, I have been experiencing either body pains or upset stomach. They kind of show up in different times but it does bother me a bit.

The upset stomach I think is because of the fact that I had soooo much of iced tea last Thursday night at Chilli’s and it’s now tormenting me 😦 Yes! All throughout the weekend 😦 😦

The body pains – well, I know the reason about it already – Robert’s arrival has inspired me to clean the whole room (good thing I did not decide to clean the whole house or else I would have had high fever!)… hence, the body pains!

So it’s not really a good week… the only good thing about the week was of course Robert’s arrival 🙂 *love*

I was just thinking that it could be because I was so stressed out when Robert’s not here yet and then now that he’s here… it’s like they have immediately ran out of the closet and started attacking me? not really sure but right now, I’m just taking warm water… probably fruits (eeek) and lots of veggies.

Mary Ann said that I need to do this at least a week and avoid salty foods (boo!), fatty foods, oily foods and the list goes on… 😦

I hope I’d get well…. SOON! until then, I will continue with my warm water therapy —- time for a refill!

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