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A Year Older…

This Friday will be my __th birthday.

There’s no big party… not even a small party… like my previous birthdays. I am not the type who like to celebrate my birthday with a big crowd.

Actually, I have never been a fan of big crowds or celebrations. I always like small groups, long conversations over dinner or coffee (though now, I have to settle for fruit juices or hot chocolate – that’s another story).

Now… I will be going to be a year older… but wiser? I think so.

For the past year, I have experienced almost every whim of emotion – happy, sad, depressed (a lot!) and more!

I also had a few firsts. Some were good… some were bad… but to sum it all up, I was able to learn a lot from those experiences.

I hope that as I turn a year older, new experiences will come for me (like motherhood! hopefully, I’d be ready for that)… new situations that Robert and I will have to deal with… and probably, be in a place where our heart is 😀

Happy Birthday to me… 🙂

Gemma Cake
Image by GregRob via Flickr
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