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It’s funny that when I’m not in front of the computer, I have a lot of things in mind – questions that I have in my head, scenarios that I see, observations that I have of people, situations and more.

I might have post about this before but I still wonder why.

I mean, friends have advised me to bring a notebook with me so that I can write down my thoughts and eventually write about it when i have the opportunity…. sure but when I’m taking a shower or at my ‘throne’ and sometimes when I’m walking that I have these thoughts that just flash in my mind.

I remember seeing in the movies where a girl would use her voice recorder to just make her recall her things to do. I am seriously thinking of doing that since my phone has a voice recorder. I can just instantly dictate it and when I get the chance, I might be able to post that here.

Hmmm… now, that is really an idea.

Will try that… I just hope I don’t look like an idiot :p


Comments on: "Finding my inspiration…" (2)

  1. Juggling Motherhood said:

    Keep it up! Here’s a really good site, to help you with your writing:


  2. Thanks! Thanks! I am hoping to be a freelance writer in no time so that I can concentrate on my family – though we are only two at the moment (just my husband and myself).. 🙂

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