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photo grabbed from http://www2.unca.edu/news/releases/2009/GSWP-fall.html

Yes… I am disappointed with myself because I have applied for different online jobs but have not fulfilled any of them 😦

I had two assignments / projects approved by the providers. I got so excited when I saw that they have accepted me. The first one, I tried doing the instructions (there was a video instruction on what to do) but it just won’t let me go through. I have emailed the provider but I have not got a response from him.

The second one was asking me to write 10 articles for less than $2. I remember what Pinoy CopyWriter told me that I should never compromise my skills and abilities for a price that I think does not match it. I shrug off the thought and said to myself that I needed something to add up to my portfolio so why not accept it. I failed because I was not able to deliver the material on time. What I plan to do now is to still submit the material and maybe I can change their minds? *fingers crossed*

Another opportunity that opened was when a friend of mine launched an e-newsletter that focused on consumers – their needs and the information they require regarding a service, food, etc. I was asked to write something for  an article. I said yes to it because I want to. I do not if its the circumstance that I’m in – working 10 hours a day does drain your energy to write.

I said to myself, I will do it on weekends but the same thing – being the only period where I can devote my time to Robert before he leaves for work is also important to me.

I think I need to strategise on how I can overcome this because this is not an excuse.

I said I wanted to write. Opportunities are now coming and I should focus on this as well because this is what I want to do.


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