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Being stiff with money

On our way home, I told my officemate that I wanted to have Subway for dinner. She agreed and said that for Dhs. 20 you already have a sandwich, a bag of crisps and drinks  – a good deal. I told her that it’s a bit expensive for me. She was shocked (oh! you should see the look on her face and the way she rolled her eyes – it was funny mind you).

photo courtesy of http://know.triangle.com/node/11342

I told her that I was a bit disappointed with breakfast because usually it will be around Dhs. 4 only (that’s drinks + bread)… and today, I decided to buy something else and the whole combo cost me Dhs. 10.

She rolled her eyes again… then I told her ‘I know I’m stiff with money’ and she was all nods about it.

While walking home, I thought about what was the major splurge that I did with my money – laptops (because I bought two and then later on sold the other one so I am back to my original laptop)… I guess that’s about it… though if you count my one gift to Robert that kind of cost a bit but his reaction was priceless! 🙂

Having seen people deal with banks regarding their unsettled debts and how they beg to ‘give them more time to pay’  is something I am not ready to face, if placed in a situation. It scares me, most especially that we are not in our own country.

photo courtesy of http://www.massdebtrelief.com/

When recession had hit Dubai, a lot of things has happened in this place that really turned people’s lives around – a 360 degree turn. At the back of my mind, I know I’m telling myself – I will not let this happen to me. The realisation hit me that I know we should start saving our money or put it in an investment.

Having been here for almost seven years now, I try and look back about the milestones (financially) that I have achieved and I can say that it’s not bad. Investments were made but it’s not generating any income at the moment.

We do splurge with food or clothes but we do a ‘manageable splurge’. We do not shop as if there’s no tomorrow.


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