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I was reading the Inquirer online when I saw this column of Randy David about education. I decided to click on it and he has told the story of how he ended up being a teacher rather than be a lawyer like his dad.

click here if you want to read Randy David’s column

Totally unrelated to what I’m about to tell but it has brought me back to the days when I was ‘university picking’ in high school. Having stayed in the same school for 14 years, I was too eager to get out and explore what’s out there. I love my classmates and the bond that I have made with them and the reputation I have built in school however I had this desire to see how the outside world will accept me and also for the fact that I wanted to start on my dream – become a writer.

The only university I had in mind then was De La Salle University (DLSU). Then, I had this feeling that this university is the one for me (aka perfect for me).  At first, I did not want to go for any other entrance exams except for DLSU. I know my good grades and good moral character will make me a definite shoo-in for the course that I wanted. My parents still encouraged me to take other tests so that we can have Plans B and C, in case.

I thought fine, it’s their money anyway (meaning for the entrance exams because you need to pay for it).   The day for the entrance exam came for DLSU and I have studied hard for it. For the other universities, let’s just say I answered them but halfheartedly.

I was so excited when the envelopes came. I got my Plans B and C as passed but my Plan A was taking its time. The day came and found my envelope to be a lot thinner compared to my classmates who had theirs in a thick bunch. Still not losing hope, I thought, maybe the welcome pack for my course was not that thick. I opened my envelope and there it was… they said I was not accepted. I could not read the rest. I was crushed.

I had to act fast because the next step is for the orientation. I decided to go for Plan B. After going to their orientation, my mom could not close her mouth from gasping – because of the tuition fee. I knew I had to make another choice because I am not the only one studying in the family.

I went for Plan C – University of Santo Tomas.

My alma mater

Looking back, I now know I had made the right choice. The university was able to feed me the information I need in both areas – school and life. I  do not have any regrets at the end because I got the basic steps that I require in the field that I have chosen. I also had some of the best teachers who taught us how to survive. I had friends who I share the same passion when it comes to writing and more, like life and relationship.


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