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Do you have goals?

I always tell people that I do not plan because planning stresses me out and also if what happen did not go with the plan, I tend to get very frustrated.

This has changed for about two years now.

I have been planning. A lot.

Why? I need to… it’s nothing grand, it is just about our plans of going home. We already have our mindset ready for what we can expect when we finally say goodbye to Dubai, Hello Manila šŸ™‚

On my part, I am planning on how and when can we buy stuff for our house… these stuff includes home appliances like washing machine, fridge, television… I have a long list yes! šŸ˜¦ Apart from that, I also need to think about home furnishings to make our house ‘homey’.

Now, do not get too excited because our house needs a major make-over but then we do not have the resources to give it its required facelift so we thought of just doing minor renovations to make the house ‘livable’.

These are the things that occupies my mind most of the time when I do not have to think about work. Sometimes I do get stressed out but when you think about it, it’s exciting actually.

Having a house all by ourselves (this is still under deliberation as we might need to retain some or all of our boarders)…Hopefully, things will work out fine…

That is my goal till I guess the coming year? What about you? Do you have any?


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