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Empty or lightheaded

I have tried posting something online but then when I was typing it… I forgot the point of my topic / story. I tried re-collecting what I had to write but it just never came back.

I have been grateful for the past weeks because I have been getting steady workload online. The downside was I’m in front of the computer 24/7 which made me neglect Robert 😦

I have decided not to accept writing jobs for the moment until I get the chance to sort the schedule that I need to be in if I want to work online. I did not get to do it because actual work has picked up and I have not got the chance to think about my online work.

This is my 2nd attempt for this weekend… and so far I think I’m doing a good job.

You know I have not found a device that will allow me to write my thoughts instantly. A friend keeps convincing me that iPhone is the answer.

I hope so.

I am scouting to buy an iPhone though I think I will be using it more for social networking rather than updating this blog.

I don’t think I’m bored with this blog but it’s more of losing my focus. I am not sure.

I have the same dilemma when I read. I skim without even understanding what I’m reading. It’s the same with my conversations. I sometimes get lost.

I wonder why? Could it be because I have these thoughts in my head and we just do not communicate well? We could not connect?

So today, I am taking it slow… immerse myself and see what happens! >_<


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