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Caught unaware

Today was kind of like a day full of surprises.

Robert bought me a lot of things today – bag, jacket and a pair of rubber shoes which unfortunately did not fit me… but it’s the thought that counts.

Early in the day, I had a meeting with my line managers regarding work. It was a positive one and am really getting excited to do one bit of my ‘future objective’.

Looking back, I am not sure if I said too much in that short meeting (more than an hour!)… I am not sure if I should have represented some people on their behalf but am proud of my suggestions… 🙂

The marks given to me by my superiors were not expected. I am not saying that I’m not doing a good job in less than a year, they were already able to gauge what I have and been doing in a nutshell (I guess there is a reason why they are managers and I’m not).

Overall, the day went well.

I don’t really like surprises but what happen today was something I like! 😉


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