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Random Thoughts

It’s so hot here in Dubai 😦 when I say hot… it is HOT! I don’t know if this is related to Mother Earth but I think she’s very angry now. The water is getting hotter these days and you cannot stay out that much because the sun’s kind of penetrating to the skin.

So what I do most of the days (especially my weekends)? Stay at home. Be online (almost!) all the time. Sometimes I read my books (yeap, they have been neglected for a time now) or listen to music. I did try to sort out my 500GB external hard drive but still do not have the heart to delete stuff… So the solution to the problem is to buy a new one – a bigger one (probably 1TB) so that I can store a lot of new stuff (meaning movies / music / files /etc).


Return to the Philippines 101 is about to start. Though we are still debating whether we keep the house or not, whether the boarders (people who rent the rooms) stays or not, we are definitely sure of going back. Every time the topic is being discussed, people give me this kind of ‘ are you out of your mind’ stare. Yeap, I get that all the time.

The recession period has taught us a lot of things  – on how to save the money for the future and how to categorise your wants from your needs. Honestly, I am still struggling because I still reason out a lot to Robert about why I need this stuff and why we need to buy that and this however I know for a fact that I’m improving. I don’t see my credit card as a friend anymore. I switched to cash or my debit card 🙂


Going home… I am excited to go home because I want to see everybody… after missing out for so long. I have to admit it gets lonely here sometimes (most especially when Robert is not around) but we manage. Even if I’m excited, I am also scared because of the what ifs in my head. Like what if we do not fit in the Philippines anymore? What if we do not make it with our basic entrepreneurial skills? what if we make a lot mistakes and there was not enough time or money to fix it? What if…

Sometimes, I am scared to lose the bond Robert and I have. I sometimes have this feeling like if we go home, we would go our seperate ways (meaning, go to friend’s functions and just see each other at home) and we will grow apart instead of together?

Though I do brush off that kind of thinking because I know Robert will not let that happen.

I am excited to build a home with Robert. I am not sure we were able to do that here in Dubai because we usually move from one place to another – depending on how high the monthly rate is going to be but if we live in the Philippines, that will all change? Because we will be in one house till we (not dictated by the landlord) say that we are ready for a new house.


Hmm…I think that’s about it.


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