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It’s a Friday afternoon and I am here in front of my computer, sorting out my media files ( I still do not want to buy another external hard drive – that’s another story) and then I had this thought about me and the company I’m working.

I have been in the company for more than half a decade now. People I know who were my officemates once are now moving forward – going for the greener pastures and the benefits that come with it. As for me, I am still in the company.

As I look back, friends do ask me why do I stay? Previously, I had an answer and now… I don’t have an answer. I have been urged by these same group of friends to look and see ‘what’s out there’.

I did try (for their sake) to see what’s out there and saw the market value of the people they are recruiting for my position. It was interesting because although I had to raise my eyebrow on some of the offers and thought of how maybe all of my debts can be settled within months, I still did not budge. I just looked at them.

Of course, there were times when you have your ‘burnout’ day and you just keep telling yourself that you want to do something else. You browse, you try and submit but when the call comes, I either say I’m not interested or tell them I’m busy (and eventually not answer the second call).

Am I being complacent? or is it because I knew staying in this country was slowly losing its luster for me?


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