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* I was browsing through my ‘drafts’ section and saw this unfinished post that I have… so here it is, having it published!

Initially written 16 July 2010 and completed 13 August 2010

I was watching Autumn in New York this morning while having my breakfast (ensaymada + coffee). The story is about a May-December love affair wherein the lead actress, Winona Ryder died because of heart complications.

(a scene from Autumn in New York)

While watching this film, I had this thought about people and relationships.

(Richard Gere and Wynona Ryder)

When we enter in a romantic relationship, we always tell that we will not change a person but we always do.

We would either change the way they look (to either make them look more presentable for your friends / parents) or their attitude (either to boost their self confidence or make them realise he / she is not a superhero) and more. We always want a pat in the back for a job well done in transforming our partners.

I guess that is one of life’s vicious cycle. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Other times, it’s our partners who are willing to change for the best like what Richard Gere did for Wynona. He took a chance in their relationship. Though he did sway, he made sure that he was there till the end.

It made me think about relationships and how we try to change people or try to change ourself for that one person we cannot lose because they made the worst days better and the best days etched in our hearts forever.

I have to admit in my decade-long relationship with Robert, I have changed (or is trying to) not because he has asked me to but because I want to.

Guess like what they say – you want to be a better person (cheesy!)

(image credits are on the caption link)


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