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Free size anyone?

Over the years of healthy living or trying to live healthy, I had the privilege to gain hmm… a few pounds… add to that the love pounds that keeps adding up (hmm… I’m not sure why though I guess it’s because of our favorite hobby – look for nice places to eat :p) and sometimes when you have a rough day, a few more gets added up – grand total? I am now a size _ _ (do you really think I would dish?)!

As I am accustomed to fit in the clothes here in Dubai, this will definitely be a struggle when we say ‘goodbye’ to Dubai and ‘hello’ Philippines. 😦

I remember this one time when I went on leave and was trying to fit a size _ _ jeans in this very popular clothing shop in the Philippines, I had to sweat a lot because I cannot face the fact that the jeans did not fit me. It was during the super sale madness and people were banging at my fitting room door! I tried and tried but it just won’t even reach to my waist!

Can't Fit

I asked my younger sister about it and my sis-in-law butted in and said she is having the same problem with that clothing shop. We both decided that maybe they have re-adjusted the sizes and have not bothered to inform us (I mean come on, the sales attendant could have stopped me and told me straight away that it’s not my size right?).

I calmed down.

The next year I went on leave, I went to Kamiseta and tried a top which I really, really love. I tried it out and felt like I could not breathe. I decided to take off the top… unfortunately, I needed some assistance. I called out for the sales attendant who was kind enough to assist me but turns out she was more impatient than me. She wanted to get the scissors and rip the top off?! Hello! I am not going to pay for it, I said so we huffed and puffed and eventually I was able to get out of the top without causing any harm to me or the top.

I was so embarrassed that I had to leave the shop ASAP and texted Robert to come out of the shop because I’m not there anymore.

I still did not get the picture so I went to our favorite tiangge store at Greenhills and tried buying tops.

Free size po? (Free size?)

Sige  (okay)

In the fitting room, I huffed and I puffed until I finally surrendered that I do not fit in them anymore. The sales attendant was sad because she did not made a sale. My mom (always a shopping advocate) took me to other tiangge stores however we changed our shopping technique.

Pili na ma’am (choose whatever you like ma’am)

May size kayo? (do you have any sizes?)

Meron po, XS, S, M, L and XL (yes we have in XS, S, M, L and XL)

I felt better.


I just have a thought when they say Free Size that should mean one size fits all right? or maybe I’m wrong?


Because of what has transpired during my shopping escapades, I have come to admit that I am no longer one of those ‘free size’ people and I felt a bit better.

I now know how to shop properly – meaning choosing what I really want and what makes me feel comfortable.

Clothes should be our second skin – sort of. Wearing a top / short/ skirt should not make us feel uncomfortable. It’s an accessory to our body – so in reality, these clothes should make us feel more beautiful.

Be Sexy! Be Confident


Hmm… I think I should start scouting for boutiques… now that’s a plan 😉


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