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Bees in my head

I have been very good for today as I am reading my emails and not letting them stay unread.

Usually, I will just read notifications received from Facebook (which kind of what I do the whole day) and sometimes when I need a bit of inspiration, I go to Bo Sanchez for some ‘pick-me-up’ lectures.

Today, I was a bit successful, I manage to submit a sample article in less than an hour, read through various emails that I want to blog about and some more websites that I also want to blog.

Because I have a lot of this going on inside my head, I did not have the chance to do so (well, another reason being I’m watching what Rajo Laurel calls his guilty pleasure – a TV drama series from the Philippines called “Magkaribal”).

Hopefully, I can do it tomorrow.

My hand is itching to type more but it’s getting late…

Tomorrow it is!


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