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It has been official for the past 1 year and five months but I am still trying to get it in my system. Not that I don’t want it to happen because I do… it’s just these feelings that I have – scared, scared and scared.

I have a lot of ‘what ifs’ in my head.

Just a while ago, while going home from my grocery shopping, I thought of how much I have spent today and converted the value in my head (in pesos)… and I asked myself if that amount will be enough for us to have a decent meal for like two weeks max.

I have faith that we can make it… knowing Robert and myself, I know though I am a bit scared of what is there for us? Are we going to have enough money to cover our needs and also allow us to buy some of our ‘wants’? I have plans on looking for work either home-based or out on the field and Robert will manage the internet cafe… I wonder what kind of lifestyle will we adapt?

I know for a fact that I love my solitude when Robert is out… so will I be able to get that or will there be a lot of unexpected things that can happen whilst he’s away?

I am scared and excited because it is like finally establishing our home base after such a long time. Dubai can never be a home base for us because it does not have a lot of opportunities to offer for the expatriates (except for the wealthy).

Just those thoughts in my head but I know we will be able to go through this with the help of family and friends.


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