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Am I too Emotional?

I am not sure if I’m going to get a response out of this blog but I just wonder if I am…

I mean… I always try to detach myself from work, friends, family, etc but still it gets to me. I’m very sensitive and at times, replays scenes over and over to try understanding what went wrong or how it happen. It stresses me but I guess that is how I am built.

We have a close-knit family and though some also consider us dysfunctional, I guess we understand each other by body language or even with the tone of the voice.

As for me, living in a place totally different, I am a bit confused on how people deal with their emotions or how they deal with situations in their life. I just hope in a way I can decipher them or is it better that I leave it behind and let them solve their own problem?

I don’t know… but today was not one of my brightest days and the only ‘high’ of my day was when Robert hugged me and said, ‘everything’s going to be fine’…


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