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Being Thankful

Not Without My Daughter
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I am currently a book entitled ‘Not without my daughter‘ – about a woman’s plight to getting out of a country she never wanted to be at. It saddens me that there are certain areas who still sees a woman as an inferior being. In my opinion, we were created equal with men. We are allowed to think and express our opinions on issues concerning us and the country or planet we live in.

Being a woman does not demote us to just being someone who will be waiting for her ‘life partner‘ to summon her to serve him. It can work and should work both ways so that both of you can command respect for one another.

I have not finished the book but I could not help but feel bad for her because of her situation and at the same time, I admire her (the name of the book’s character is Betty) for having the determination and the will to ensure that they (along with her daughter) achieve the objective she had in mind – leave the country she’s in and return to America.

Thinking about the social orientation of where I came from, I am thankful that we do not have to endure what the women in the book had to do. They allowed  their men to beat them, speak ill of them thinking it is the man’s right to do so. It was never the case.

I might have skimmed pages of the Holy Book but never did I see any passage saying you can hit your wife because the Lord sees the woman as the man’s confidante.

I will tell more about the novel once I finish it.

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