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Senti Sabado

Saturdays are usually the ‘laidback’ day for most country (especially those having a two-day off from work). As for me, it was my ‘laundry’ day even though I was offered to tag along and have a window shopping experience at the Dubai Mall – I opted for the laundry day because Robert is not very happy with the pile of clothes increasing next to our bedside (which might topple, if I do not do anything about it).

As I multi-task a lot, I ended up doing the laundry and surfing the internet for news, gossips (either from Facebook / Twitter / Gossip websites), news and blogs 🙂 While checking on my tweets, a person I am following started out the ‘senti sabado’.

Senti sabado means in English (literally speaking) Sentimental Saturday. Why? Someone started to tweet about what happened during their time (ehem our time) like the candies we have, the tv shows we watched, the ‘artistas’ (movie stars) we use to watch and the list goes on.

Due to this, I tried and reminisced about the past 🙂

Image by neojay via Flickr


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