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A lot to blog…

but no energy to start?! What is this excuse?!

Lazy Painting
Image by Toon-FX via Flickr

I know… I just do not understand myself! I am just browsing and browsing the net for news, emails (which thankfully, I was able to delete 2k worth of emails way back 2008 that I have not read!), Facebook, chat, Twitter and the routine goes on and on.

Hmm… maybe it was initially the frustration about the dinner we had last night (about having to pay more when it was suppose to be a discount)… or maybe because I am just lazy today?

To get out of this ‘state’, I decided to revive my contract with one of my online boss and told him that I am interested to work for him again… hopefully, this can kind of bring me back to the state I wanted.

I feel terrible when this happens, it’s like lazy mind vs. energetic mind. Aaarrgghhh….

I’m impossible! 😦

Why can I not be the other bloggers who have the energy to blog and blog about anything and everything? Who has every minute detail on record…


I will be sensible tomorrow.

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