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Just a blab…

Browsed through my blog and it seems like I have missed posting something for almost a month. Work is a bit hectic these days… Probably because apart from juggling my role as coordinator for two departments, I have added another skill in my sleeve – clone master 🙂

I will not go technical about this whole thing but we do this ‘procedure’ before we give out laptops / desktops to our users.

I have also had the chance to do some work online which made me a bit busy for the couple of weeks too! So learning and additional income = happy!happy!

Indeed but I also feel very tired these days… I might have stretched myself too much. 😦

I believe this kind of routine is good because I will be juggling a few roles this month because some will be going for their holidays and another group will be conducting ‘official work’ outside the office. You might ask me, why did you accept the task? I did because I believe I can do it… unless of course something out of the extraordinary happens which I cannot handle – I know my superiors will be able to lend a helping hand.

On my online work, I am hoping to get more work soon because I do want to add up enough savings for the Christmas season. I definitely need to save up most especially as I have something planned for Robert’s gift 🙂


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