Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

First off, I have been busy… not an excuse actually but then I have been busy with a few things at work, at home (doing my online work) and at my relationship (just recently celebrated our three year anniversary).

Aside from that, I have also been pretty much occupied because I have been helping out my friend during their races at the Autodrome.

Second, my mind has been wandering off again. Thinking of the possibilities… replaying scenarios in my head on how are we going to settle in the Philippines. I am not scared anymore… I guess my fear has now turned into excitement.

The possibility of finally being home and be in a place where you are comfortable. For me, it is more of the feeling of being ‘home’. The comfortable part is yet to be determined as we have finally decided that we will be living in Robert’s ancestral home… I still need to make some renovations on the house but other than that, I guess in time, we can transform the house into a home.

Third, my body is not cooperating properly for the past few days. If people are reading this and is about to jump into conclusions, let me make a statement : I AM NOT PREGNANT. We want to be but then I guess, it is still not the right time to do so. I have to admit that it is beginning to frustrate me because we have been wanting to have one for a time now but we always end up failing. I am not sure if subconsciously one of us is wishing otherwise… I guess we can just keep on trying.

Fourth, I am debating whether to transfer my personal blog into one blogging site. I have been maintaining two different blogging platforms – one for my public profile and this, my sort of intimate journal. Then, I thought that it is still better to have different blogging platforms for two different purposes.


Hopefully, I will blog more often… a promise that I always keep forgetting 😦

The writer is edtting his dictionary at home.
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