Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

I have been away from my family for about seven years now. I just spend a month or three weeks with them and then I’m back here in Dubai. Usually what happens in those days that I’m home, everyone would try to sit me down and tell me what has been going on with their life… which could vary  – major achievements to the little things as well.

Those times wherein we would do that – priceless.

I love going back to memory lane… I think it gives you this feeling that you have gone a long way… though of course, some still stay the same.

About eight months ago, we were all in different places – I guess I can say that for my sister and me, physically and the rest of the family, in another aspect.

My sister stayed in Singapore doing her intern for one of the hotels there. She completed her six-month internship last June.

According to Robert, our relationship as a family is very different from what he’s used to. We were each other’s support system, cheerleaders and more.

Of course, we still resort to seeking our friend’s advise (especially for sensitive matters – like love :p) but we always end up getting each other’s opinions.

This kind of relationship was on-off, for me. Being away most of the time, I only get to ‘switch on’ my support-cheerleader aura when I’m home however I now get to ‘switch on’ thanks to the World Wide Web and Yahoo Messenger.

I guess even if you are far away from them as long as you have the means to communicate…anything is possible.


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