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It just happens…

It feels weird but whenever I open my WordPress or Blogger account, it’s like I cannot stop blogging. Thoughts would be swirling in my head (that sometimes leads me to have a headache), topics that I want to discuss or digress about is rushing to me… like a toddler running towards her mommy / daddy after not seeing them for a whole day.

It is a bit weird (I know) but since these thoughts will not go away, might as well let them out rather than let them give me a headache (which I cannot bear at the moment because I think I had too much to eat tonight – yeap, breaded chicken cutlets with gravy veggies).

Now, what to digress…. hmmm… decisions… decisions…

There was a tweet awhile ago if the media should be involved in PNoy’s romantic rendevous – my thoughts? We Filipinos love drama – watching teleseryes / tv series / etc, we cannot help but have that fluttering feeling for someone who is feeling ‘loved’.

I mean, didn’t TV networks banked on celebrity weddings and how we as viewers patiently wait for the show to come up and see these celebrities talk about how they met, where was their first date, where did he propose, did she yes immediately and so on. It does not matter if the whole show took 2 1/2 hours (with tons and tons of commercials in between) just as long as we have that fluttering feeling – love.

Now, if we have that feeling for our celebrities what more for our President?! He is the nation’s leader and we want to see how he chooses his women, how he wins them over (tips for the guys) and the most important of all, how do they look together (either for us to praise them or to ridicule them because they do not look like a good pair).

During the campaign season, Shalani was on our President’s side… then they broke up and the Prez has become the most eligible bachelor in the Philippines!

Rumour has it that PNoy dated Liz Uy and Len Lopez. Both graciously decline to be attached to the President… with their own personal reasons, of course.

Now, back to the question, should we pester him about his lovelife? NO.

Our fellow countrymen voted for him not to discuss about his lovelife. They voted for him because he said he can make things…. change things for our country… so that OFWs can return to their families and still give them a decent life.

In order for the Philippines to make its mark again not only as a country that has different types of talent but a country that has a lot more to offer – tourism, education and more.

I know I did not vote but I rallied to people to vote for him because after hearing the other candidates’ platforms / agendas, it was his that stuck in me.

I hope that I can see more of his actions / bills / resolutions than his romantic dates.

I hope…


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