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How’s your weight?

It’s been a few months already and I still cannot get it out of my head – what is? my weight 😦

I am on a yo-yo diet for the past few years now. Whenever I would gain, I always convince myself that I can lose the weight which I actually can but now, it has been dreadful. I don’t think I am capable of losing some of this anymore. I am not sure if this is because I do not move a lot in my current office.

When I was still on site, I will be moving around, either going to the photocopier, calling the tea boy or sneaking out for lunch, I get to move a lot, walk a lot. However now, since I am just based on my desk, I do not move that much anymore.

Any conversation I need to do, I do it by email. My emails have been my constant companion… It makes me laugh, cry, angry, happy and at times, irritated but then again, we are always face to face which means I do not need to get off my desk if I needed something from someone because they usually just send it by email.

Now, that is bad.

And thanks to that kind of routine that I have, I think my butt is gaining more cellulites than it should have 😦

Robert is asking me to go to the gym and burn it out but being a lazy bone… I always try to find a way for me to be let off the hook (I guess he just loves me too much to let me know that I am beginning to be heavy… very heavy).

I need to lose ‘some’ of the weight off… seriously.

I was watching this documentary entitled ‘Diet Wars’ and it kind of investigated on the different diets being introduced to the market. Of course, each has its own secret weapon – low carb, high protein, high carb, etc.

They also featured something about the BMI or body mass index. Immediately, I checked on mine and I was shocked… well, shocked because I am about 1/10 away from being overweight as per my BMI.

I mean looking back, I know I do not need to see what my BMI is to know that I am gaining weight because I can feel it. I do try my best to hide my tummy by buying clothes that would conceal it but I have to admit it is becoming more difficult.

I am not saying that I am obese but I am close to being overweight and I guess that is not something that you can put off lightly.

As of this day, I vowed myself to eat more veggies and fruits… eat less rice and drink more water. I am not sure if I can journal my whole journey (I am trying to set a goal of 2 months)… but I will try.

This is will be very difficult as the holiday season has just started and for sure there will be a lot of yummy food in the market… 😦 ooohhh…. 😦 😦

What about you? How’s your weight so far??


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