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Taking Charge…

From my last post (which was not so long ago), I have declared and announced (sort of) about my intention to deal with my weight issues. Robert (being an ever-loving hubby) would always tell me that there is nothing wrong with me and my weight but of course it’s me who feels it and I know for a fact that I AM becoming heavy…

I am not going to do a crash diet.

I will allow myself to have a change in lifestyle rather than suffer for a few months and then gain what I’ve lost x 2 = not good.

As I look back and had a mental review of my eating habits, I always consume a lot of rice and how much I love noodles, pasta and all those carbo-loaded dishes. Due to this, Robert (my support partner – yup, he said yes!) and I have decided that I should cut back on rice and eat more of the other food products that are part of the ‘go-glow-grow’ triangle like meat, veggies and fruits.

This is a good thing because I don’t a lot of fruits so I guess now is the time to explore other fruits so that there will be a variety on what I eat. I am not sure if fruits straight from the can, like peaches and others are acceptable but I think fresh is better.

Another thing that I need to explore is vegetables. Currently, I am only into beans, broccoli, snow peas and that so I think I need to get to know other vegetables that will be suitable for my diet.

I know this will be a difficult. However I do acknowledge myself because I am about to surpass a week of doing this routine and I think I am doing good though sometimes I experience this terrible headache which I think is caused of me being hungry almost every other hour. Now, don’t worry because I don’t starve myself. If I’m hungry, I eat – that’s a deal… Robert jokingly said that he doesn’t want me to die because of starvation.

I still eat rice especially during lunch and sometimes dinner but only small portions.

I remember what the journalist said in that documentary ‘Diet Wars’, self-control is the hardest thing to do and honestly, it’s very true. There are just moments when you envision the food that you want to have or what you call ‘cravings’ (in a word).

Before starting this new routine (let’s stop calling it a diet because it’s not) I always have that because I will always envision what I want to eat. Now, I have to take control of that so my body won’t suffer.

I have to warn you, it’s very hard but if I know that the end result will be great (which is me getting healthier)… now, how can you not be motivated? 😉

I might use this blog as a journal of my thoughts in this journey and let’ see how it goes.

I am giving myself two months to be able to practice this and see if I will be having a change in lifestyle or I will later on eat my words and drop the whole thing (which I really hope, I will not do).

So… mid-week of the first week:     NOT BAD ;P


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