Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

The Beach …

I saw this article about the Top 10 Beach Destinations…and I remembered my love affair with the beach.

So to the beach…

You have always accepted me even though I was doubtful at first if you can rescue me

Rescue me from the thoughts I have in mind

Rescue me from the people who bossed me to do what they think is right and not what I think is right

Rescue me from the pains that I have felt

Rescue me from the possibilities in my head that maybe I will end up as per what they said I’d be

However, you let the wind sweep off the negativity in my head and allowed it to sooth my mind

The roars of your waves have lull me like a baby who was frightened by the clap of the thunder

The sway of the warm water embracing me… holding me…

Our relationship is always cut short as I need to return to my original owner

You never demand…you just say ‘Till Next Time’

Because you know the day will come when I would need you to lull me… hold me..



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