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Working from Home

This idea has been lingering in my head for quite sometime now. I have been thinking and re-thinking the possibilities of working from home.

No, I don’t have kids yet but we are planning to and I think working from home will be good for me… or will it really?

R says it sounds like a good plan but of course that means I have to be infront of the computer most of the time – looking / bidding for jobs.  I have to admit, I have been successful in that area however it depends on the project. I think if we will be considering the salary I might get working from home that means I will not be able to accept jobs that offer $1 per article… or?

Actually, I have not thought about the strategy that I need to do when looking for a job online but if you think about it, a lot of people (moms or not) are working from home and it does sustain them. It will not initially make you earn the same amount when you were still on your 8-5 job however it gives you the flexibility to be around your family more.

I think I need to learn a lot more… I just hope that I get to learn them all before we go home or else, I will be like a soldier joining a battle without any ammunition.

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  1. Rach, I can send you Odesk links if you’re interested in part-time writing. I’ve been looking for writing jobs that paid higher than $2. 🙂

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