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We had one of those informal meetings awhile ago wherein the boss told us about the latest news in the company. Some were good and some were bad (well, it was mostly about the ‘year that was’).

After presenting all the information,  the boss asked if we had any queries we wanted to raise or issues that we wanted to discuss.

No hands.

I know in people’s minds, they have a lot of questions like the second bout of recession (I hope this is just a rumour), the plans for this year, the salary review and more.

However there were no hands raised.

For me, not that I do not want to talk or ask but sometimes, pointing out an issue or raising a concern says something about what is your ulterior motive – Take for example, if you ask about recession, the perception is your follow up question will definitely be about money or probably about benefits.

Or there is this possibility (which can probably comprise about 60% of the reason) that the employees are bored with the promises uttered and endless opportunities they have mentioned for the past months. Now, it seems like allowing them to make those promises will be unbearable.

I know the times are tough but you cannot always ‘just’ thank people for a job well done. It needs to be demonstrated on how you try and approach the company’s top management why we (as a team) should not be neglected hence be considered as one of the important factors of running a business.

Yes, people may boast about the past when things ran smoothly without network cables patched in and just your old dependable basic computer – if that is their argument then we can never move forward. It will always be one step forward, two steps back.

In the end, I think what everyone needs right now is motivation and because of the recent crisis, a jump on the salary will be always be welcomed but who am I to say? I did not raise my hand.


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